Dating Older Women & The Porn Industry’s Influence

There was a time when older men would strut around with much younger beautiful women next to them and flaunt them. This scene played out all over as old guys – especially those with money – showcased their younger prize. Although this still happens, times have been changing. Now, you get to see older women hand and in hand with young males. In many cases, much younger than they are. Some call this the cougar effect or the MILF factor. That refers to a mature woman dating a younger guy.

According to statistics, the number of relationships where the male is much younger than the woman has increased substantially. But when did this shift in the dating world begin to take place? Why or what made it happen and let it be so accepted? Furthermore, what has made young males be the ones looking for a mature woman? Unlike youthful girls who typically date older men for money, security or power, there’s a difference for guys. Men are visual creatures by nature and are driven by totally different reasons when it comes to dating.

Although there are numerous factors to consider as to why the dating scene has changed dramatically, some are more obvious than others. One of the things which has helped influenced how men view and feel about older women has been the movies and porn. Television, Hollywood mainstream movies and cable shows helped play a part in starting the entire MILF or mature women scenario. However, pornography took it to another level by making the older women appear as sexual objects. Or the sexual objects of desires and fantasies.

Fantasies plays a big role in sex and all people have some form of fantasy they embellish on. When it comes to older women who are hot, sexy and in control, the porn industry has tons of angles to play with. There are hundreds of different scenarios carried out in porn videos, sex GIF images and porn pics dealing with the MILF idea. The fact is that many of these scenes are actually situations which millions really think about in real life. For example, there are endless teens who have best friends with a hot and sexy mom. They spend all day masturbating to images of older women which remind them of their buddy’s mother.

The same young males also have mature teachers in school whom they wish they could have sex with. While not all of them will ever get to bed their teachers, the next best thing is masturbation to porn material that looks like the woman. This is where porn sites come in as they have infinite porn pictures and animated sex GIFS of MILFs. For young adults, there are numerous scenarios and fantasies involving older women that they dream about. These tend to be of mature women in a position of power. It could be an older woman who is their boss or in charge of the situation. Some fantasize about doctors or erotic and sexy nurses. These women take the young men and do whatever they want to them.

The fact is that there are all kinds of pornography movies, sex pics and GIF images which have mature women in them. The MILF or MOM keyword phrase is one of the most popular searches in porn. As young teens and older males spend all day looking at titillating and erotic porn pics of mature women, their attitudes towards them change. Before long, they begin to desire them to the point of wanting to date one.

Remember, peer pressure plays a pivotal role in everything which happens in society. There are many out there who may have always wanted to date an older woman before but never did. Fear of being ridiculed or chastised by their friends and family kept them from doing so. Perhaps it was the way society made it seem as if older men and younger women couples was acceptable, but not the other way around. Yet over time, the entire views of civilization and people as a whole, changed.

Part of that change came about because of a joke or a line in a Hollywood movie. It was in the film American Pie where a group of young teens spoke about a friend’s hot mother. They referred to her as a MILF or a “Mom they would like to fuck.” As they say, the rest was history since the acronym changed the way people looked at older women or moms forever. It went on to become one of the most popular buzzwords ever.

Today, you have numerous websites and applications which cater to helping men find older women to date. There are even those where the mature women are set up to be the prize and the men go hunting for them. It used to be that older women who dated younger males were referred to as ‘cougars.’ They were looked upon as if they were preying on the youthful males. While that may be the case in some instances, most young guys are in it because they want to. These men actually want to date hot and beautiful mature women or MILFs.

The fact that MILF sex pics, milf animated porn GIF images and any other type of material is so popular proves the point. The perception of people can change or be changed by something or someone. In this case, it has been porn which has changed the way people look and feel about mature women.