Great Sex And Cheating – How Are They Connected?

Extensive research on why people cheat is something which has been done and continues to be carried out today. You have some who wonder whether or not their partner’s name is more likely to make them a cheater. Others say that some people cheat during certain days in the calendar. In all, there are countless of theories on the subject.

If things weren’t already confusing enough on the matter of sex and cheating, there is a new study to add. The research done was about couples, their sex life and other issues. The perplexing part is that those partners who have good sex in their lives, can be likelier to cheat than those who do not.

According to the study, people who spend a great deal of time getting amazing orgasms, are more inclined to cheat. The rationale behind this is that the person(s) will want the orgasm more frequently. The study was done by a team of researchers using married couples who had recently wed. The couples – 233 participants – were studied for more than three and half years. The research was carried out from the Florida State University.

Some of the questions the couples were asked was how satisfied they were when it came to sex. Also, they were asked how often – if any – had they ever been unfaithful. Besides these and other intimate questions, each individuals in the study were given images to look at. The photos were of very good-looking men and women as well as those who looked average. While they looked at the images, they were asked if they would cheat on their partners.

In the study, the people who looked at photos of those who were very attractive and stopped, were found to be less likely to cheat. Plus, the men who were married to a wife who was very attractive, were far less prone to cheat. That is when compared to women who had a husband who was more attractive. What that means is that men were more inclined to cheat on their partners if she was less attractive. In addition to this, males with large number of sexual relations which were short-term before they got married, were probably more tilted towards cheating. At the same time, the females in that same category were prone to cheat less.


There were some cases where the ‘evaluative devaluation’ and ‘attentional disengagement’ could cause the cheating levels to decrease. Partners who didn’t bother to think about their spouse’s level of attractiveness were less prone to cheat. The same for those who in their minds downplayed their romantic partner’s looks. Plus, this also led to the couples relationships being more likely to succeed. The researchers noted that the techniques are innate. That means people who are doing it, are not aware that they are. Instead, the effortless and spontaneous process are sometimes shaped by a person’s childhood experiences early on or by biology.

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