Sex Apps For Couples To Spice Up Relationship

Most new couples have no problem with sex and how frequently they get it on. But after a while, the fire starts to run out and the sex between them becomes less frequent. The reasons behind this are numerous such as stressful schedules, lack of interest and hectic lifestyles. Yet without sex, the majority of partnerships fail. Research has shown how crucial intimacy and sex relations are to a couple. Luckily, there are various applications partners can use to spice up their sex lives and relationship again.

These apps help you in different ways. Some can show you ideas on how to spice up the sex and put rev up the romance. Others can help you both make plans for a night out. And some can aid you both in time slot synchronization. In all, each one of these great apps are capable of helping couples get the sex and romance back in their lives.

Sex Position Of The Day From Cosmopolitan

This app is very popular since it can give you a new sexual position to carry out daily. Overall, there are more than 120 different sex positions to go through. They not only have great visuals to aid you, but also erotic instructions which are very detailed. Great way to make some changes to the missionary or other sexual positions you are both accustomed to.


People who want to stay in touch with their significant other with an extra oomph will enjoy this app. The both of you can share all kinds of things such as photos, videos and messages. Plus, you can draw together as one from different locations. There is even a feature for couples who find themselves far away from their love one. You can each place your thumbs on the screen in the same spot to stimulate intimacy.

iKamasutra Lite

Couples who want to learn or try new sex positions will get a ton of useful ones from iKamasutra Lite. The app has more than 100 of different sexual positions to choose from. They contain detailed directions and are drawn in a very tasteful fashion. You are also able to keep track of the sex positions progress in a chart. Before long, you and your mate can become Kama Sutra masters.

Loving – Couple Essential

With this app, couples can share all kinds of things together such as images, videos, texts and voice messages. In addition, there is a feature which lets you see whether or not your mate is awake or sleeping. You can use it to wake them up via an alarm. For the guys, the app has an “Aunt Flo” feature. That function automatically informs you when the time of the month has arrived for your partner.

Other apps for couples to spice up their sex lives and relationship are Dirty Games Truth or Dare, Sex Drive, Fix A Fight, 69 Places, Sexy Vibes and Icebreak For Couples, among others.

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